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Actually there are only two different kinds of weather seasons in Boracay Island. One is the north-east monsoon, whichmeans basically good weather, fairly calm seas, low waves and good weather for Boracay watersports activities andsunbathing. Yet, to be on the safe side, best prior to Boracay Activities check the local wind and weater forecast. There are lots of things to do - like Island hopping, where you should know about the wind and weather conditions beforehand.

Around the month of june it’s the sout-west monsoon, called Habagat. Still there are lots of things to do in Boracay Island at that time.

Weather in Boracay and traveling seasons

The best traveling season is from november until beginning – middle of june. Days are hot and the air is fairly humid. Around febuary to april the heat can get quite intense. That’s the time, when you don’t want to go shopping, hiking or do anything, that would expose you to the intense heat during the day.

Boracay Island weather
Sailing Weather Forecast Boracay

If you like to go sailing by charter sailboat to go Island hopping, or do other water sports activities,  those are some of the few things you can do, because you’re always being refreshed by the sea winds. Never ever forget  to bring some kind of protection for your head and lots to drink.

Habagat – to most people means as much as bad weather. What’s good weather and what’s bad weather though, is a question of attitude.


Weather on Boracay Island

Boracay can be very charming even during rainy season. The waves can get really high and spectacular. The place is not as crowded as during the “good weather” summer season. If you want to go hiking or take long walks on the beach without fryig away, “Habagat” season is a very nice time to be on Boracay Island. Plus - you can always enjoy Boracay's nightlife or even go sunset sailing, for winds usually calm down towards the evening. Some Boracay "good weather impressions": Boracay weather - Sailing & Island hopping video. So - Boracay Weather in a way is qite predictable. Of coure it can rain as well during holliday sason, but in general - weater in Boracay's summer season is calm. For your Boracay holliday weather forecast, just check on bottom of this page.

Taifuns can hit Boracay during rainy season. Than it can rain for days and days. If you like to go anyway, make shure you have a nice place to stay and a good book.

Taifoon Haiyan - predicted on Boracay weather report.

During taifoon Haiyan things got quite turbulent on Boracay Island. It had been announced in the Boracay weather forecast already days before. The weather report in general you can trust.  But with no experience, what a taifoon can be like, people at first were not scared. When it hit Boracay, things looked different. Thousands tried to leave - but the public ferry had already stopped running. Back in 1997 we ( The publishers of this page) witnessed a very strong taifoon. It is scary. Very very scary.

Best travelling weather Boracay Island

At that time there were still coconuts on the palmtrees and every few minutes a bundle of nuts came pounding down somewhere. Next day beef stakes were offered in all of the restaurants, 'cause the falling nuts had killed some cows. The most danger comes from things flying around, like glass, parts of constructions and roofs. Another problem: If you need to catch a flight, there will be none during heavy weather storms. So you will be trapped in the elements. Or if you want to stay, be shure you find shelter in a concrete building. Stay away from big windows, stay away from the street and even the beach. The wind can blow you into the water and things flying on the open beach can kill you. Sand, that comes flying with lots of pressure, can harm your skin and blinden your eyes. So you see how much trouble you can avoid, checking the weather report and getting a reliable weather forecast for your time on Boracay Island.

Back in 1997 we had to pay a local to bring us to the mainland. With the money we had to pay, he could have bought two new boats at least. So what can we advice? When you hear of a taifoon going to hit Boracay - and that will be a few days before it happens - try to get a flight out on time. Because when it is there, there will be no possibility to leave.

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