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Sailing a Paraw sailboat for island hopping, sunset sailing or to charter - rent a sail boat on an hourly basis, is one of the most relaxing activities as things to do on Boracay Island. Have a look at our Island Hopping Video.

We built the sailboat "Misty Morning" as a coastal sailer with all the comfort for a great Boracay sailing experience. This small yacht you can charter to enjoy sailing around the Boracay Island waters.

Enjoy our sailing activities like island hopping by sail boat  and sunset sailing. Our well trained crews will be glad to care for your well being on a great day under sails. Water sports activities & snorkeling. Sailing photos.

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Acivities - Island hopping Boracay Island

On "" you'll find some of the greatest Boracay-activities 2014 in terms of nightlife entertainment, great water sports like sailboat rental for island hopping, Paraw sailing and things to do in Boracay and around the Island. We offer sailling daytrips for example to Buruanga - a very pretty fishing town "off the beaten track".

There are many local businesses run with a lot of passion and the obvious intention to offer Boracay visitors a high value in terms of things to do. We are glad to feature businesses on "Boracay activities",  that are involved in ecological tourism or such a kind of tourism that does not harm the environment. Further infos:  Island hopping  to Carabao Island and other pretty places around Boracay.

We saw the island 30 years ago and we see it now. The place has certainly changed. Now you can benefit from a great choice of activities, hotels, restaurants, shopping and businesses that offer outdoor- sports.  All you can book with our Travel Agency in Manila.

Boracay Island certainly is not the undiscovered place anymore as it was when we first got there. But it has other things now that make it very attractive.


Boracay activities 2014

Boracay Island

On "Boracay activities" we provide general infos about Boracay hotels, restaurants and whatever it takes to have a joyful holiday. Boracay weather. Boracay Island picture.

We'd like to focus your interest on the great sailboat called "Misty Morning of Sambiray" In terms of things to do in Boracay - like island hopping or sunset sailing, it's one of the exiting  highlights. This sail boat is for rent or charter for a comfortable sailing experience even on an hourly basis. This certainly is one of the most intense - Boracay activities. Why book with us? Faq.
Info: Where to rent a sailboat in Boracay.


Some quick info about Boracay Island in the Philippines

Boracay is part if the goup of islands called Viayas. The province it is part of, is called Aklan.

The climate is tropical. Best travel time is between November and end of May.
The climate is motly dry in that time. Of course there’s the odd rainshower and due to the climatchange this happens more often now, than in the “good ol’ days”.

From around June the rainy season starts. Taifuns cross the islands ant it can get quite uncomfortable.

The langauage is called “Tagalog”. Most Filippinos though speak English. Even little children do. So it’s easy to get around most everywhere.

Boracay Island hopping Talking about getting around. Boracay has an airport. It is not exactly located on the island, but in Caticlan, which is a 15 minutes boat ride away from the island. International flights up until now land in Kalibo. The bus ride from there to Caticlan takes about two hours.

In Boracay itself you can get around by trycicle or even just walk along the beach. The island is small and every place is within reach.

The prices of most everything are – compared to the rest of the Philippines, very high.

It can happen, that you buy two scoops of icecream in a restaurant for 350,- Pesos and the waitress that serves it with a smile, will only earn 260,- Pesos for working a whole day.

Knowing that, you might be prepared to leave a generous tip – also knowing, how much it can mean.

Hotels and other places to stay, you’ll find plenty. Resorts right on the white beaches are not really cheap. If you want a cheap holiday, Boracay Island maybe is not the right place to go. They say, it is the most expensive place in the Philippines.

Actvities in Boracay 2014

Boracay activities - BilliardThere is plenty of nightlife like bars, restaurants and discos. Entertainment of all kinds – from music to performing artists as well as some streetperformers you will find most anywhere.
Activities offered during the daytime are for example golfing, scuba diving, tennis, and a great variety of water activities.

You can rent a sailboat to go island hopping. The outrigger sailboats you can rent or charter, are called Paraw.
It takes at the minimum three people to sail them. The balance has to be kept – so the guys on the outriggers far end, are called “balancers”.

Boracay beaches Apart from saling to the islands that surround Boracay, which is offered as “Boracay Island hopping tours” you can also rent or charter the sail boats for a calm sunset sailing trip or even on an daily basis.

In the morning or late afernoon there are plenty of shopping possibilities. (The middle of the day can get simply too hot.) From a shopping mall to local markets for fresh foods you will find it all. Also see:
Boracay arts & Culture | Faq - Why book with us? | Other travel sites.



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