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Yacht & Paraw - boat charter Boracay

Yacht - Boat charter Boracay
Yacht charter Boracay
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We constructed and built a Paraw sail boat that has the typical Filippino Paraw outrigger design, yet offers the comfort of a small yacht.

The Paraw "Misty Morning" is an offshore going charter- Paraw sail boat. Equipped with an engine, coolbox and safety devices. Perfect for a safe and enjoyable Boracay yacht - Paraw boat charter trip.

Due to its outriggers the Paraw can land on any beach in the area. It has a lot of storage room to carry water, cooled foods and drinks for your picnic on the beach. See yacht charter Boracay video.

On the Paraw outrigger wings there’s comfortable seating for a smooth  sunset sailing trip for as many as 10 people.


Boat charter Boracay
Paraw Boat charter Boracay
Yacht charter Boracay
Yacht charter Boracay

Paraw Boat - yacht charter Boracay

For charter trips around Boracay Island or offshore island hopping tours we recommend a maximum of eight sailing guests.
You can charter this small yacht on an hourly basis, for a Paraw sunset sailing tour or for a whole day of island hopping.
Of course you can also rent the sail boat "Misty Morning" for a week or your entire holiday.


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