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If you want to do any kind of water sports activities like sailing, kite surfing or diving, the weather forecast is the very first thing you should have an eye upon.

Boracay weather forecast for summer moths.

During Boracay summer season – which is in general from November to june, there is the odd rainshower, but basically it's hot and humid Asian weather.

So – if you want to go running on the beach or do some intense hiking or biking, these are the things you should do right after sunrise. The weather forecast for Boracay Island usualy is quite correct. So best check a day ahead of time and than plan your boracay activities.

After 9:00 in the morning you already face the risk of dehydration, due to a teriffic heat that builds up. Specially on the white beach where the sun refects from every direction.

Same for sailing. Out in the open ocean a fresh breeze will not let you feel the actually mercyless sun burning onto your head and skin. So - if you want to go island hopping, sunset sailing or just sail around for the day: It's always good to know, what's expecting you. So check the Boracay weather forecast before planning.



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