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Tommysails | German sailmakers

We always had the idea, the the sails for our boat should be of classical beauty and elegance.
Now, where could we find sails, that would match our expectations?
For a Paraw you can't just buy sails out of a catalog. Plus – we wanted sails that were twice the sice as the ones for normal outrigger boats.

After surching  the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, we ended up in Germany with the sailmakers company "Tommysails".

They seemed to really enjoy our idea and it was fun, talking to them about the different materials, the cuts and shape of the sails.


Sailmakers Germany - Tommysails. Convincing German craftsmanship
Tommysails - A very convincing German sailmaker


We were invited to have a close look at their work, see the materials and work out a good plan over a cup of coffee.

The result is, what is called "German craftsmanship".

In the word "sailboat" the "sail" stands first of all. The sails are, what you see from far away and give a boat the character.

"Tommysails" professional attitude and the result they came up with, makes us give them our highest recommendation.


The company is simply convincing.
For shure – no yacht or sail boat in the Boracay area is equipped with so much beauty and elegance.

Here is a great thank you to "Tommysails".


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