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Sailing Boracay

Sailing Boracay
Boracay Island is surrounded by several islands we can sail to, of course according to weather conditions and winds.
Comfortable sailing on the outrigger nets

“Getting there, is half the fun”. Sailing is one of the most relaxig and ejoyable ways to travel from oe place to the next.
We don’t like “tourist-traps”. So we do’t go there.

We researched well to show you places that are “real”. Places, that have been unspoiled by mass-tourism.

For example the small town of Buruanga.

It’s a place that lives of fishing. People are friendly and a tourist is seldom to be seen in "downtown" Buruanga.

Fishermen in one of the places we sail to

Of course, outside the actual town there are some tourist attractions.

But they are not, what we want to feature.

We prefer, to make an appointment with the director of the Buruanga elementary school that we can visit.

He will be proud to show you around. Also we have a local guide who will do a sightseeing tour with you.

We do sailing excursions to places that are original and real. Tourist traps are not our thing

Also we will feature the small Filippino restaurant of  Thelma and her husband. The friendliest people ever. On board the “Misty Morning” you can already choose what you want to eat there.

We call them from under way – they buy your foods freshly on the market and your lunch is ready upon arrival.

The trip takes from around eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. Partly we’ll sail into “bluewater”.

This guarantees a real sailing adventure. (If you want to rent a sailboat - but on’t like to get wet … we can’t recommend it.)

We’d be glad to welcome you on our sail boat for a great “Boracay sailing” adventure. The Photo slideshow will give you further picture infos of our charter boat.

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