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At the MASBOI you will be provided with infos on how to
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The MASBOI is known  as a guiding example of how a boating association can care for both its members and the preservation of marine ecology and local environment.

This means developing strategies to keep the beaches and water clean as well as to protect the livelihood of the coral reefs. This benefits both tourists, fishermen and inhabitants of Boracay.

The preservation of paraw sailing vessels is also a protection of the local heritage and tradition. Motorboats and ships have their place but the paraw has been the staple of transportation for island dwellers here for millennium.

The Chairman Mr. M. Casidcid

Usage of wind power rather than gasoline and oil needed for motors is silent and helps both the air and water quality in a world threatened by environmental problems. Boracay has obviously been deeply impacted by the growth of tourism and the MASBOI is doing its part to protect and even reverse the negative effects of development.

The MASBOI also supports boat owners to run a profitable business not only benefiting their families and the economy but to be responsible partners for tourism. This is based on maintaining professional standards of reliability, safety and transparency.

Our Team

Mrs. Analy L. Ibabao
Mrs. Florin F. Abello
Mrs. Kristel S. Adlong
Mrs. Nelly Bautista
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