Interview President of the MASBOI.

Argao, March 12.2012

Interview: Ms. Evelyn Tolinero


Good Morning Mr. Casidsid  Thank you for taking time for this interview.

Mr. President, would you please provide us with some general information about the MASBOI?



Good morning Miss Tolinero. Its my pleasure to have you here.

The MASBOI now is already a cooperative on a higher level than an association.

What kind of marketing effort do you do to promote your ideas?

So far our marketing efforts are on a very low level and a great number of good ideas have to turned into practice. I think, that a cooperation with ,,BORACAY-ACTIVITIES.COM’’ is already a good start - don’t you think so?

Yes Sir, we certainly agree.
In which way are you supporting the sailboat owners as members of the MASBOI?

We are supporting our members a great deal by finding customers for renting a sailboat in Boracay Island  as well as we are reinforcing rules of safety and security. That is for both, the crews as well as their customers.

The MASBOI’s first priority is the welfare of its members.

We were told that you have in mind an image polishing of the sailor’s image.
How are you planning to do that?

Now and in the future I will have an eye on the clean appearance of the crews as well as a high performing treatment
of their guests. That means, for example good manners, like no drinking of alcohol or smoking on board .

A high value of good knowledge an English is essential for this kind of tourism.

So I will provide trainings to support all of these necessary skills.

In the future I’m trying to have a closer cooperation with local government.

‘Mr. Casidsid, more than once we observed crews throwing their anchors right into supposedly protected reefs. Do
you have plans to stop that kind of destruction of environment in and around Boracay Island?

We already provided moorings were crews can go at anchor and we are going to reinforce our already existing anchoring rules even more.

Some crews simply don’t care, due to lack of understanding the purpose of environmental protection.

We are also holding our members to dispose their garbage properly and not just to throw it into the sea.

‘Mr. Casidsid, we had a fair number of complains about the pricing on sailing vessels due to a lack of communication
beforehand between crews and customers. For example for island hopping tours.

I am planning to solve that problem by offering seminars to our crews , so that they will be able to encounter these
situations in a polite and a professional way .

The Mayor of Boracay Mr. John Yap is lending a great hand and supporting us with all his abilities.

‘Mr. Casidsid, on behalf of "Boracay-Sailing", thank you very much for your time for this interview’

Thank you also Miss Tolinero on behalf of MASBOI for your time.

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